Redubbing Jesus


Watching bad movies that are re-dubbed for comic effect can often be quite entertaining. Woody Allen once redubbed an entire Japanese movie with his own dialogue, and gave it a new title, "What's Up Tiger Lily?"

I just recently discovered a satirical re-dubbing of several scenes of an old Jesus movie that is quite funny. Amazingly, the re-dubbing was done by members of an evangelical church called Vintage 21. Apparently the idea was to spoof the stereotypes that people have about Jesus, but I don't think you have to have a particular theology in order to enjoy the videos. I don't know what the name of the film was that they used, but it is interesting to note the appearance and demeanor of this Jesus, right down to his hair that is perfectly in place and his beard neatly trimmed. This Jesus must have just been to the barber before making his way to the Temple.

There are four videos in all. I think all of them are humorous, although my favorite one is #3. I also enjoy the dialogue between the Roman soldiers in #4. Check the videos out: