The threat of dangerous ideas


Today's New York Times magazine contains an article on the young earth Creation "scientists" who think that the earth is more or less 8000 years old.

While discussing the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, the article says the following:

The museum sends the message that belief in a young earth is the only way to salvation. The failure to understand Genesis is literally “undermining the entire word of God,” Ken Ham, the founder of Answers in Genesis, says in a video.
That pretty much captures in a nutshell what is going on here. Within a video produced at the Creation Museum, its own proponents admit that creationism is driven by fear. Its motivation is laid out before us--the need to zealously guard a complete system of religious dogma, lest the entire faith collapse like a house of cards.

Of course, we already knew that, didn't we?


Pastor Bob Cornwall said...

You're quite correct, and it's a very flimsy house of cards at that!