The Newsweek-Washington Post web site "On Faith" asked the question, "Can the Use of Torture Ever Be Justified?"

Almost all the panelists answered no. Two respondents, however, expressed their support for torture: Chuck Colson, a former Nixon aide and now a born again Christian; and Cal Thomas, a right wing columnist.

I thought the most interesting comment came from C. Welton Gaddy's response:

It’s a tragic commentary on our times that questions about the efficacy of torture are even asked.
Indeed. How did we come to the point where this question could even be broached in the first place? It is bad enough that two twits from the religious right actually answered it in the affirmative. The very fact that this is even coming up for discussion is the real tragedy.


Connor said...

Do you think the split would have been the same if the question was, "Can lethal force ever be justified?"