The sequel


I stayed away from church during the season of Advent. This was part of a broader strategy of avoiding the season of Christmas as much as possible. For example: had managed to mostly avoid hearing Christmas songs on the radio, by quickly changing stations if necessary. And: I did not exchange Christmas gifts with anyone.

Christmas was over. The coast was clear, I thought, to pay another visit to church now. But wait--it was Epiphany! I chose the wrong day to come back.

What was I thinking?

Going to church on Epiphany after avoiding it during Advent is like seeing a movie sequel after having consciously decided to avoid the original film. They should just call this part of the church calendar Christmas II.

They actually sang some Christmas songs during the church service. I had thought I was done with hearing that music for another 11 months!

Because in many ways I do feel like I'm on the same theological page as the pastor, I stayed for the sermon; then I walked out when she finished, with about 20 minutes or so left in the service. I just wasn't in the mood for any more.


Grace said...


You seem drawn to the church on the one hand, and yet can't stand what the Christians believe on the other.

Why do you think this all bothers you so much? Why not just agree to disagree, and participate as much as you can?

The way I see it Mystical, you might as well be seeking, and have these discussions with people sitting next to you in the pew, or in adult S.S. as on a blog.

And, Mystical, you certainly do know how to challenge everyone's thinking, and stir up the discussion. :)

God bless!

Mystical Seeker said...

Hate what "the" Christians believe? Not at all. I like what some Christians believe--Christians like Borg or Crossan or even Spong. I can't stand what certain other Christians--conservative Christians--believe.

Grace said...


Should we get into this together? I'm not sure. But, if you want, will you share with me why you can't stand it, Mystical?

I mean there are tons of things I might disagree about with someone, and even feel strongly. I know that I could be wrong. But, for you this all seems to go alot deeper.