An Episcopal priest reports in his blog that after working for about ten months with a Christian web design and services provider to develop a new web site for his church, the company backed out of its contract:

We've been working for approximately ten months with Elexio to get our parish website up, poured countless volunteer hours into it, and encountered delay after delay in response to our inquiries. And then I get this letter.

It consisted of two pages of legalese and a refund of the $1,900 we've put into this project. My translation of the legalese: Elexio is canceling its contract with us because we violate their policy against serving individuals or organizations that promote "controversial issues." In other words, we are "too gay."
He adds,
We have 30 days to remove our content from the website that they were hosting for us and we were just about to launch.


JP said...

That is an absolute shame.

Jan said...

Stupid, rude, and shameful.

Rowan The Dog said...

Well better to be too gay than too straight, that's what I always say.