Why Christianity?


I stumbled across a brand new blog by a Unitarian Universalist minister in Iowa. He has written just one entry (so far), which contains his answers to a set of questions about his faith. I liked this one in particular:

You call yourself a UU Christian. You serve on the UUCF [Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship] national board. Why?

I believe that Jesus points the way to this God of creativity and love in ways that surpass other prophets and teachers. I believe that the humanity of Jesus, his teachings and his life, are worth lifting up as a strong guide to the idea of coming to faith. When I see that Jesus is corrupted by political agendas that devalue life and the earth, I feel compelled to lift up the vision of Jesus who a) never asked someone who needed help anything about their theological beliefs, b) stood against empire and domination and oppression while maintaining a strong stance of non-violent witness; c) who stood against the moral guardians of the law in favor of a common sense approach to lifting up humanity and d) who still to this day provides in his teachings and his life the way of compassion and love.