Score one for inclusiveness


In response to yesterday's article on the brouhaha over Roman Catholic communion having been given to two gay men dressed as nuns, the following letter was published in today's San Francisco Chronicle:

Editor - Thank you for printing "Wafer Madness," Oct. 17, because it reminded me that there is much I admire and respect in Roman Catholicism and much I loathe and vehemently oppose. There is much I admire in the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and there is much I loathe and vehemently oppose.

But most of all, I am deeply humbled and grateful that I pastor a tiny congregation and lead a small denomination where neither Catholics, nor the "Sisters", nor anyone else, would ever be excluded from communion.


The Inclusive Celtic Episcopal Church Church of St. Savior

San Francisco


Jan said...

This is great!

JP said...

That is a strong statement, and the right one as well.

Rowan The Dog said...

Bishop Rusty totally rocks!
Best I can tell, he and his congregation are just out there getting the job done while the others sit around and talk.

Go Rusty!