A Typical Conversation With God


Imagine this scenario: I am taking an adult class in a certain performance art. I am about to go on stage in front of several people I don't know very well. I am shy and insecure about getting up in front of people. The following is not an exact transcript of what goes on in my mind in this situation, but just a general attempt at representation. The words in bold represent those thoughts specifically directed at God (also known as prayer).

nervous knot in stomach stage fright oh hell I'm going to suck at this look at those people they are good better than me I can't do this but I have to do it I can talk to God about this I feel your presence it'll be okay you love me no matter what I am valuable in your eyes you will sustain me you are with me (warm glow from God) I feel her presence still nervous I can face it better than before I feel her glow
You get the idea.