Traditional Anglicanism


What is conservative Anglicanism really all about?

One way to find out the answer to this question might be to turn to a blog that is devoted to the preservation of traditional, conservative Anglican values. There we can find, no doubt, the highest virtues and values of conservative Anglicanism. Thanks to Mad Priest, who has cited a recent blog entry from Greg Griffith, we now know that we can indeed find the answer to this question. Greg Griffith's blog is one of the top vote-getters in the religion category of the Bloggers Choice Awards, so we know it must be a respectable voice for conservative Anglicans. Traditional Anglicanism, it would seem, is all about insulting the looks of women you disagree with and putting up a picture of your trophy wife for purposes of comparison.

I kid you not. Puerile, you say? Offensive, you say? Beyond the pale, you say? Not worthy of serious discourse, you say? Silly you. It was all done in the cause of proving Mr. Griffith's heterosexuality. So far from being offensive, Mr. Griffith, in comparing the looks of his wife to that of a female priest, was merely exhibiting Christ-like behavior.

I'm glad we've got that settled.


Jan said...

I liked your explanation of "traditional" Anglicanism and the (polite) sarcasm about it.

John Shuck said...

I first read it on Madpriest and was sure he made it up. I thought I was peurile! : )

Mystical Seeker said...

Thanks, Jan!

John, I don't know if you can make this stuff up. Unfortunately, if you go to the web site in question, the article is right there, for all the world to see. The only part that I'm aware of that Madpriest made up was the name "Melanie".

Eileen said...

Greg Griffiths is an ASSHAT.

I think he was channeling his inner lesbian - seeming to think he had picked to best "woman" - even though one of the priest in question doesn't have the man choice on her menu.