Witch hunters


The Episcopal blogosphere was all abuzz over the last week or so over a posting by Elizabeth Kaeton in her blog. Greg Griffith, one of the cabal of witch hunters at the reactionary Episcopalian blog "Stand Firm", quoted from Rev. Kaeton's blog entry, which included some comments about a female priest who happens to be married to another Stand Firm blogger. As a result of Griffith's broadside, there were calls for Elizabeth Kaeton's head. An excellent summary of the brouhaha can be found here.

I have some interest in this kerfuffle because I once got caught up in that web site's witch hunting frenzy myself. That selfsame Greg Griffith had trolled the net and found one of my blog entries, which he included in a blog entry of his own--the purpose being so that he could use me, a non-Episcopalian, as an involuntary tool in his religious war against progressives. At the same time, he disingenuously smeared my character in the process. Of course, I was just collateral damage. Not being an Episcopalian, I wasn't his main target.

Elizabeth Kaeton later apologized for the comments that Griffith objected to. Griffith, by contrast, has never apologized for having used my own blog posting in the manner he did, nor for his smears against my character.


Jan said...

Thank you for this post about Elizabeth. I've only had bits and pieces from other places, so I appreciated your "here" so I could find out more info. It's sad that people are so vindictive. What Christians do to other Christians, let alone other faiths!

Lisa said...

Thanks for highlighting this issue. What they are trying to do is just flat wicked. It is evil. But that's their primary stock in trade.

Don't feel alone, MysticalSeeker. I too have come into the crosshairs of BlogViagra and their hangers-on. The love of Christ is not in them.

Any progressive who sticks his or her head above the bunker will be derided by BlogViagra or their affiliated BlogDrones. They hope that their hatred and derision and threats will force us to keep silent. Don't let them do that to you. Don't let them trouble you, MysticalSeeker.

Mystical Seeker said...

I agree, Jan, it is sad what these people are willing to do.

Lisa, Thanks for the support.

Eileen said...

Griffiths is an ASSHAT. The end.

but, you already know that.

darkgothic said...

I say as a Wiccan, leave the other religions alone. They have a right to practice their religion just like you. You do your religion and their do theirs and thats that.