Christianity and Truth


Here is wonderful quote from John Shuck's blog:

Christianity is not about possessing or disseminating Truth. It does not have the corner on it. Far from it. Christianity is for me, however, a wonderful way to live, to grow, and to face the struggles of life. My Christian faith has enabled me to find courage in face of fear, to love when I would rather not, to hope when I despair. It is my Christian faith that has opened me to the sacredness of people of other faiths and to those who have none.


John Shuck said...

Well, Golly, Seeker, thanks!

Thanks for commenting on my blog. You often bail me out of trouble!

Jan said...

This is a statement I can pronounce and live by.

Jan said...

I also emailed this to my four children and their significant others to tell them what I believe. Thanks.