"Refudiating" hatred--a tall order, apparently


It seems that Sarah Palin has weighed in on the question of building a Mosque near Ground Zero, and you can guess which side of the issue she had taken. The story of how she used the non-existent word "refudiate" when she wrote on Twitter about the issue, then deleted the Tweet out of apparent embarrassment while at the same time claiming that she is just being creative like Shakespeare was, definitely makes for entertaining reading.

Meanwhile, in other news, down in Southern California in a place called Temecula Valley, which funnily enough is pretty darned far from Ground Zero, a vocal group of people have objected to the building of a mosque. According to the LA Times, one of the leaders of the opposition is Bill Rench, the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, who (and I wish I were making this up, but unfortunately I am not) said "the two religions 'mix like oil and water' and predicted a 'confrontational atmosphere' if the project moves forward.

I hate to break it to Pastor Bill Rench, but the only people doing the confronting are he and his ilk.

All of which illustrates the point that the objection to the building of a mosque at Ground Zero really has nothing to do with any alleged sensitivity to the victims (but you knew that, since Muslims were counted among the victims of that act of terrorism), but rather are part of a pattern of bigotry that extends across the country.


Cynthia said...

"...a pattern of bigotry that extends across the country."

These are the same folks who hold up the Constitution (and the Bible) as inerrant when it comes to their rights but conveniently forget when it comes to the rights of others.

Andrew said...

To true Cynthia! I keep hearing Christians say things like "We are at war with these people... and they blew up our buildings" Incredible guilt by association. It seems even if you were born and raised here, you are still one of "THEM" if you are Muslim.

dee said...

If you would read the koran, you would know what the real problem is. It says right in their own book, to kill anyone who is not muslim. Would you want that in your backyard? I wouldn't. Don't talk about bigotry in this respect.