The Onion reports that God is retiring


The satirical website The Onion reports that God is considering retirement.

The article reports:

He Who Commanded Light to Shine Out of Darkness told reporters that his biggest regret was putting his job above spending more time with his son. In particular, God mentioned that he deeply lamented missing his only child's once-in-a-lifetime crucifixion.

"Your son's down there being martyred in front of all these people, but you can't be there for it," said God, his voice cracking slightly. "He thought I'd forsaken him. Of course, I was tied up working on something that seemed important at the time but that I can't even remember now. And I'll never get that moment back."

Many worry that God's retirement could create a void at the helm of creation that no omnipotent deity would be available to fill. However, sources close to the Heavenly Father pointed out that he has been gradually delegating key responsibilities to respected subordinates, such as the Holy Ghost, for at least an eon.

Attempting to downplay such concerns, God told reporters that he wasn't "going anywhere just yet" and that, in any case, the universe was largely self-sustaining these days.

You see, that's the whole problem with omnipotence!


Cynthia said...

Omnipotence requires too much time at the office, I guess. I always thought God was the stay-home type. ;-)

Cynthia said...

For a great introspective moment on omnipotence by the deity himself, check out a very funny video: Mr. Deity and the Void.

Mystical Seeker said...

I really like the Mr. Deity videos.