Truth to Power, Lies to Powerlessness


Well, I see that another surge of visits to my blog has occurred today, thanks to a certain theologically conservative Anglican web site that shall remain unnamed. There was a posting there today from the same individual from that site who, a few weeks ago, found my blog after trolling the internet for views he didn't approve of, then dragged me (a non-Episcopalian) into his feud with progressives in his denomination, then proceeded to launch snide broadsides at not just my opinions but also my character, and then justified his attacks on my character based in part on false claims about what I had said in my blog entry; this new posting today alludes to his earlier attacks against my blog, at the same time dragging me once more into his nasty little denominational struggle. Hurrah.

I guess I should be flattered, since, in his desperation to justify his behavior against me, this time around he has lumped me--an insignificant, anonymous spiritual blogger who is trying to find a religious home, with no influence in the religious world and only a handful of readers--into the same general category as an important and highly public Episcopalian theologian with ties to a powerful right wing front group called the Institute for Religion and Democracy. Yeah, our roles in public discourse and denominational politics, our influence, our significance in the world--readily comparable. That's the ticket.

It is interesting, actually, how speaking truth to power gets compared with speaking lies to the powerless, as if both were the same thing. I guess those who are busy rooting out heresy in the holy war of ideas, and who are surrounded on all sides by dangerous free thinkers who threaten the very core of civilization, are compelled to swing their weapons in a wide swath against all enemies, imagined and real, great and small.