Find, and Ye Shall Seek


I have come up with a name for my religious journey: Seekism. Its motto: "Find, and Ye Shall Seek".

Some might deride this as not Seekism, but mere Tongue-In-Cheekism. But they would be wrong. I am quite serious about my religion.

For a long time, I had been dissatisfied with the moniker I chose for this blog, Mystical Seeker. It's just not very catchy or clever--unlike, for example, Mad Priest or Peacebang or all the other clever names out there in the blogosphere. I was feeling like I should have spent more time coming up with a better name; it seems impersonal, and I think other bloggers aren't always sure how to address me--MS, Seeker, Mystical? But I have changed my mind. I decided to embrace the name. I am a seeker, after all. And I embrace mysticism, contemplation and communion with the Divine as ideals of my religion.

As Matthew Fox put it in thesis 7 of his "95 Theses or Articles of Faith for a Christianity for the Third Millenium":

Everyone is born a mystic and a lover who experiences the unity of things, and all are called to keep alive this mystic or lover of life.
So, for any other Seekist who is reading this blog, I say, thanks for joining me on the journey.


MadPriest said...

Miss Tickle?

Pastor Bob Cornwall said...

Have I got good news for you. There is a whole movement of churches with "seeker services"!

Ruth said...

I hereby declare myself to be a seeker too! And I must say that I do enjoy it - all the seeking: the reading, the thinking, the probing.

Sometimes I say that I am of the 'something happened' school of theology... I'm not sure exactly what Jesus did - I share your aversion to Easter, for example, as I struggle with my beliefs. But I am sure that Jesus lived and that, well, something happened. I want to find the grain of truth.

Eileen said...

Here, here.

I'm not exactly a seekist, but, near enough!