Love and Justice, Again


Last October, I wrote that love and justice are complementary. I just recently ran across this quote from Dominic Crossan, in his book God & Empire:

My proposal is that justice and love are a dialectic--like two sides of a coin that can be distinguished but not separated. We think of ourselves as composed of a body and soul, or flesh and spirit. When they are separated, we have a physical corpse. Similarly with distributive justice and communal love. Justice is the body of love, love the soul of justice. Justice is the flesh of love, love is the spirit of justice. When they are separated, we have a moral corpse. Justice without love is brutality. Love without justice is banality.


rev katie m ladd said...

God and Empire is such a wonderful book. I wish everyone in my church would read it. You pulled an excellent quote from it.

Christian said...

That is a great quote!

Miss Eagle said...

Dear Mystical Seeker, have used the JDC quote with acknowledgment to you,links to your blog and links to JDC's site at two of my blogs: The Eagle's Nest at and my blog on Desert Spirituality, DESERT at Thank you for drawing our attention to it. Would you like to swap links? You can email me off my sidebars