"Religious genes"


I ran across an article that an attempt to formulate a scientific model around the evolution of "religious genes".

The article seems to take for granted the existence of these alleged genes--and perhaps such genes do exist, but I am not certain that anyone knows this for sure. In any case, what amused me about this article was this statement:

Even if some of the people who are born to religious parents defect from religion and become secular, the religious genes they carry (which encompass other personality traits, such as obedience and conservativism) will still spread throughout society, according to the model’s numerical simulations.
The article almost had me until I got to that statement. If the author of this model, Robert Rowthorn, thinks that religious people necessarily have the personality traits of obedience and conservatism, then all I can say is that he needs to get out more.


Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

Some people think "religious" and that's all they think of. Clearly there is more variety in religion and spirituality than just those two traits.

Cynthia said...

There is more in heaven and on earth than is dreamt of in his philosophy.