And You Thought Hitler Gave Book Burning a Bad Rep


A North Carolina church plans on holding a good old fashioned book burning on Halloween. Among the books to be burned are any English language version of the Bible that is not a King James translation, and works by Mother Teresa.


Cynthia said...

I would bet that Mother Theresa never thought she'd be in the same company as Tim LaHaye, Oral Roberts, and Rick Warren, as being satanic.

The overalls and t-shirt the pastor wore were nigh unto stereotypical. And I hope they have enough brains between the 14 members not to barbeque the meat over their book-burning fire. It's sad and pathetic more than anything else.

Pastor Bob Cornwall said...

Who would have thought that Billy Graham was a heretic? And even the New King James Version. But what Pastor Grizzard might want to consider is that the Authorized Version was authorized by a rather un-saintly monarch. Of course, he hoped that if he gave the Puritans an authorized Bible they'd let him dance around the maypole on Sunday afternoon!