The blindness of hate


One member of the Knoxville UU church had this to say about the shooter who went on a rampage because he didn't approve of the church's liberal views :

This was a man who was hurt in the world and feeling that nothing was going his way. He turned the gun on people who were mostly likely to treat him lovingly and compassionately and be the ones to help someone in that situation.
It is strange that some people can be so blinded by their own hate that they don't see that they themselves can benefit from the very tolerance and compassion that they abhor in others.


Luke said...

yeah, that dude was really messed up. he was a right-wing wacko... kinda missed the whole idea of loving your "enemy" as he would have found a place with them. what a crazy paradox of a world we live in.

it'll take me a second but i'll comment on your other post.. it's given me a lot to chew on! until then, RAWK!

Greg said...

Indeed. Thanks.