George Carlin on God


Quite a while ago, I wrote a blog posting in which I quoted from George Carlin's monologue on the subject of God that he delivered on the very first episode of Saturday Night Live in 1975. What I quoted from included Carlin's observation that "EVERYTHING He has ever MADE.. DIED!! Everything so far!! So far! Where did He get this great reputation? He's batting .000!" The entire monologue that I quoted from can be found here.

Here is another sample of what he had to say in that same monologue:

Well, we create God in our own image and likeness. No question about that. Every time I see a picture of God, I mean, He has knees and toenails, right? Uh - and a good example - a better example - of our kind of self-centeredness, when it comes to God - when we put a statue of Jesus on the dashboard, instead of having Him looking out and watching for traffic, which is what He should be doing, we have Him watching us drive. [ mimes operating a steering wheel with frenzy ] "Heeeeyyy!! Watch THIS, Jesus! Left turn!" You ever see a statue leap? Jumped right up into the baby shoes that time. Don't worry, don't worry - the universe is in balance, because Jesus has a statue of a middle-class American hypocrite on His dashboard. It's alright. Things work out well.


Cynthia said...

LMAO!! Awesome quote. I forgot about that monologue. He and Cosby are always good on God and religion, thus good for a sermon illustration. I'll have to remember that one.