Feline proselytizers


This is today's Bizarro comic:

This reminds me of an assertion by Xenophanes that John Spong likes to cite: If horses had gods, they would look like horses.

What would a creation myth about a cat God be like? Perhaps instead of resting on the seventh day of creation, a feline Deity would take a catnap every 70 minutes. And after the cat God said, "Let there be light!", the cat God would then proceed to create a windowsill upon which the light would fall and where earthly cats could lie and take their naps. The flora in the Garden of Eden that represented knowledge of good and evil would not be a tree, but rather a catnip plant. Instead of a serpent doing the tempting, it would instead be a human being. The punishment for expulsion from the Garden would be that cats were doomed to suffer hairballs. And so on.


Livingsword said...

One of the things I love about the Bible is the way it is completely counterintuitive. If I pretended to write a “Holy Book” it would look nothing like the Bible. Forget grace it would all be by good works! And I would allow everybody to do my favourite sins, whereas the Bible does none of these things.

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JP said...

Speaking of Spong, I am reading "Why Christianity Must Change or Die". It is my first book by him that I have picked up. I will say, that he challenges my pre-conceived notions. I am enjoying it. I have question, what exactly is his view of God. I know he does not hold to a theistic view but besides that he seems to have no problem leaving it an open-ended question. However, it does leave me some confusion.

What exactly does he believe about God? He comes more across as a "spiritual" atheist, of course I could be wrong.

Sorry, its a bit off topic but your reference to him sparked this thought.

Mystical Seeker said...

JP, interesting question about what Spong believes about God. I'm not entirely sure myself, because he isn't very explicit about it. I think he thinks of God along the lines of Tillich as the Ground of Being, although I think he sounds a bit like a pantheist at times.